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Balloon Federation of America

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Weather Information:


Balloon Festivals:




Apps for Ballooning:

      • AmbientWeather– Direct information for AmbientWeather branded home weather stations
      • Glympse is a great tool to use for coordination between pilots and crew. It shows the location and speed of each phone.
      • HotAir is an app that can be used to track  flights and create pretty pictures of where you went.
      • OnX Hunt is a tool that can be used to identify landowners. Note that it only tells you who the owner of record is, not who is necessarily farming the property.
      • PredictWind – Similar information to
      • UltraMagic Balloon FlightPack has similar features to HotAir, but also does load calculations.
      • WeatherLink – Direct information for WeatherLink branded home weather stations
      • Windy – Similar information to
      • Wunderground – Similar information to

Learning to Fly / Online Ground Schools:


Balloons Equipment for Sale:


Balloon Manufacturers and Equipment:


Balloon Builder’s Journal:

The Balloon Builder’s Journal was a multi-part newsletter edited by Bob LeDoux in the 1990s. It contains a plethora of information focused on building experimental/homebuilt hot air balloons. Building your own balloon can be a very affordable way of getting your own balloon. Both Bob and his wife, Marianne, have been WAS members since the inception of the club and have built several experimental balloons and helped many other pilots build their own balloons, as well. The entire Balloon Builder’s Journal, as well as various supporting files can be found here.