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Welcome to the “exclusive” WAS members only section of the website!

Current AeroStats (click image above)

Red items are places where balloons have been asked not to land.

Yellow items are areas where you might be able to land, but may have special restrictions and/or specific considerations.

Green areas are those areas where balloons are generally welcomed, however, please adhere to the following rules. Adhering to these rules helps to ensure these locations will be remain viable landing locations.

        • Do not land if a crop has not been harvested or livestock are in the field.
        • Try to land on the edge of the field, as close to the entrance as possible. If possible, walk your balloon to the edge closest to the entrance.
        • Vent propane to cool burners and turn chase vehicle off when not moving.
        • Do not drive more than 1 vehicle onto the field. If you have multiple chase vehicles, transfer all crew to one vehicle before driving onto the field.
        • Leave it better than you found it.
        • If you see the land owner, please take the time to thank them and  perhaps offer a short tether flight.

Green Zone Map updated 3/25/24 (usable with GoogleEarth). This file also contains the red zones available to everyone.

Instructions for using KMZ files:

A KMZ file is a GoogleEarth file that will overlay information on a GoogleEarth map.

                    1. Download GoogleEarth on your smart phone or tablet.
                    2. Click the KMZ file above to download.
                    3. Open the file.

This should open GoogleEarth on your device and overlay the red zones.